You Know You’re A Mom When…..

It’s so funny whenever I swap stories with other moms, it always results in me bursting out in laughter, aimlessly nodding my head along or finishing their sentence for them. I actually thought some of these things only happened to me, then I realized you know you’re a mom when….

  1. Your outfits are based on how accessible your breast will be for feeding.
  2. You go from a bag just to hold your keys, purse and cellphone to a mini overnight bag. 
  3. Your phone’s photo gallery goes from countless selfies to an overload of pics of your child.
  4. Your privacy becomes almost non-exsistant, there always seems to be an audience present and you’re constantly followed around even into the bathroom.
  5. You fake sleep so your child will fall asleep and you ended up taking a 2-3 hrs  “nap” yourself.
  6. Your place in the bed is now on the edge.
  7. Silence makes you nervous.
  8. Trying to keep the house clean is like trying to tidy a desk full of papers with the fan on.
  9. Your child will walk right pass their father and look for you, so you can do something for them.
  10. The moment you sit down and get comfortable, your help or attention is suddenly needed.
  11. You whisper profanity before answering to mom or making a decision.
  12. You shamefully help to look for their favorite snack that you have eaten already. 
  13. You know all the words of the theme songs to your child’s favorite cartoons.
  14. You leave to buy something for yourself only to return with stuff for your child.
  15. When the gift truly doesn’t matter because they made it just for you.

 Mother hood isn’t easy, but there are many joys and jokes to help you along the way.

    XOXOX…..Sincerely Natz

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