Up De Ting: 15 Mins Full Body Yoga Flow Workout

During 2016, it was very common to hear the popular phrase “Up de ting” being said all around Barbados, and so far, the saying has also carried on into 2017. For those who aren’t barbadians aka bajans, it simply means upgrading your current situation and taking it to the next level. Personally, fitness is a great way to physically get an upgrade in order to create a better version of myself. So now that my second pregnancy is over, it is surely time again to not only enjoy that cute little smile and the cuddles that comes along with a new baby, but also time to up de ting and work on getting back into shape. Let’s admit we all want that prepregnancy body back, however I will be focusing more on buliding up my stregth and stamina; and God knows it will need it with 2 boys.

For now my “me-time” and energy are definitely limited so I have to choose wisely as I can only dedicate 30 minutes or less to excercise. For that reason, I prefer to do mostly full body workouts that will give me maximum results in a short time span by engaging all the muscles simutaneously. As a yogi, I can testify that yoga is one ot the ways to get max results in the short time frame. Don’t be fooled by how passive yoga comes across, trust me you can feel just as sore as going to a gym and doing gruelling exercises. My yoga practice consist of working on my strength and flexiblity and also combining the poses into yoga flows. Yoga Flows are when you link the poses together so that the transition between them is like a dance. I usually hold the pose for 30 seconds or less before moving directly into the next pose. 

15 Minutes Full Body Yoga Flow Workout

  • *sequence is to be done twice*

I had the song Rise Up by Andra Day on repeat playing in the background as I went through the motions of this full body yoga flow workout; I trust that you would give this workout a try and let me know how it went, as I defintely felt the burn on this one.

XOXOX…..Sincerely Natz.

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