Getting Unplugged

The routine of everyday life can seem like a constant hustle and become a struggle for some. Personally I know that it can get overwhelming at times, so merely based on that fact, I believe a few minutes should be set aside daily or at least once a week to unplug from it all. Grant yourself some time to be still because in stillness is freedom;  in other words, take a chance to step away from the chaos and day-to-day concerns to free the mind from any negative energy. “Why?”you may ask, because nourishment of the soul is equally important as that of the body and they both are profoundly linked to one another. We as human operate better when we are balanced both in body and mind.

Getting unplugged is the execution of mindfulness, it comes in many forms but the one I’m refering to is the Breath Practice. It is a time to unwind, reflect and evaluate one’s life in a manner very similar to meditation but without going too deep with the rituals, mantras and chanting. It is purely based on turning off the outside world and tuning into oneself. Think about breathing in relaxation and breathing out the tension, in order to bring about calmness and a greater alertness along with a clearer perspective.

Through the Breath Practice, one can improve health both mentally and physically, in that it reduces stress and stress-related illness and betters the quality of sleep and mood.  This practice is not dependent on the external surroundings, it can be done in the bath, in a special allocated space or just outside with nature; and can be excuted seated, standing or laying down. I usually do this in a quiet corner, on the patio or while in the bath, as the baby sleeps and the toddler is gainfuly occupied. 

It consists of the following steps :

  • Close the eyes and focus on nothing; the mind might wander at first, but give it time to settle down. 
  • Slowly take a deep breath; release the need to control.
  • Hold the breathe for a few seconds; visualize any unfavourable things in you life.
  • Exhale slowly; it is now when the mind is still. 

The answers seeked can now be revealed and  you would know whether to fix it, change it or just let it go. As easy as that sounds, it can be quite difficult at first to be still for at least 1 minute let alone 5 minutes but like everything else in life, practice makes perfect. So start with a small time period and gradually increase it as it is important to make an habit of conditioning the mind to slow down and declutter. Until next time……

 XOXOX……Sincerly Natz.

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