You Know You’re A Mom When…..

It’s so funny whenever I swap stories with other moms, it always results in me bursting out in laughter, aimlessly nodding my head along or finishing their sentence for them. I actually thought some of these things only happened to me, then I realized you know you’re a mom when….

  1. Your outfits are based on how accessible your breast will be for feeding.
  2. You go from a bag just to hold your keys, purse and cellphone to a mini overnight bag. 
  3. Your phone’s photo gallery goes from countless selfies to an overload of pics of your child.
  4. Your privacy becomes almost non-exsistant, there always seems to be an audience present and you’re constantly followed around even into the bathroom.
  5. You fake sleep so your child will fall asleep and you ended up taking a 2-3 hrs  “nap” yourself.
  6. Your place in the bed is now on the edge.
  7. Silence makes you nervous.
  8. Trying to keep the house clean is like trying to tidy a desk full of papers with the fan on.
  9. Your child will walk right pass their father and look for you, so you can do something for them.
  10. The moment you sit down and get comfortable, your help or attention is suddenly needed.
  11. You whisper profanity before answering to mom or making a decision.
  12. You shamefully help to look for their favorite snack that you have eaten already. 
  13. You know all the words of the theme songs to your child’s favorite cartoons.
  14. You leave to buy something for yourself only to return with stuff for your child.
  15. When the gift truly doesn’t matter because they made it just for you.

 Mother hood isn’t easy, but there are many joys and jokes to help you along the way.

    XOXOX…..Sincerely Natz

    A Nightly Routine For A Busy Mom

    Mornings sometimes can be such a drag, no one likes to leave the comfort of a warm bed and may even try to linger more by hitting the snooze button a couple of times. It’s hard to pull yourself away from your cozy bed but you do; and then run around in a mad rush to get ready. You end up idly looking into your closet not knowing what to wear before trying to tackle breakfast and for some reason nobody seems to want the quickest thing you could do at the moment. Finally to top it all off, an impromptu treasure hunt frantically looking for your child other matching shoe, or your keys. Let’s be real, the time we spend doing all that in the morning can really add up quickly and before long we’re already stressed and off to a late start. 

    That’s why we all need to have a good nightly routine which can help maximize producitivity and minimize stress the next day. It’s nothing major, just 8 foolproof steps to adopt in order to have a better day that is organized and on schedule.

    1. Clean up living, dining and kitchen. (tidy up rooms and do dishes for a fresh start)
    2. Prep breakfast and prepare lunch (cuts down on undecisiveness and saves time knowing ahead what everybody wants)
    3. Set out clothes (pick out a backup look just in case)
    4. Pack bags for tomorrow and ensure that older children’s homework is already done. (put everything where you can find them)
    5. Enjoy 10- 15 of “Mommy Time”(have a your bath, etc, then pamper yourself or do something to help relax)
    6. Leave curtains slightly open to let in sunlight. (best wake up motivator)
    7. Set alarm 15 minutes earlier. (your time to get ready before the children wake)
    8. Put alarm on the other side of the room.(definitely have to get up and turn it off less likely to hit snooze button)

    Only thing left to do afterwards, is to get between the sheets and sleep well. Hope these steps help you as much as they help me.

    XOXOSincerlely Natz

    Up De Ting: 15 Mins Full Body Yoga Flow Workout

    During 2016, it was very common to hear the popular phrase “Up de ting” being said all around Barbados, and so far, the saying has also carried on into 2017. For those who aren’t barbadians aka bajans, it simply means upgrading your current situation and taking it to the next level. Personally, fitness is a great way to physically get an upgrade in order to create a better version of myself. So now that my second pregnancy is over, it is surely time again to not only enjoy that cute little smile and the cuddles that comes along with a new baby, but also time to up de ting and work on getting back into shape. Let’s admit we all want that prepregnancy body back, however I will be focusing more on buliding up my stregth and stamina; and God knows it will need it with 2 boys.

    For now my “me-time” and energy are definitely limited so I have to choose wisely as I can only dedicate 30 minutes or less to excercise. For that reason, I prefer to do mostly full body workouts that will give me maximum results in a short time span by engaging all the muscles simutaneously. As a yogi, I can testify that yoga is one ot the ways to get max results in the short time frame. Don’t be fooled by how passive yoga comes across, trust me you can feel just as sore as going to a gym and doing gruelling exercises. My yoga practice consist of working on my strength and flexiblity and also combining the poses into yoga flows. Yoga Flows are when you link the poses together so that the transition between them is like a dance. I usually hold the pose for 30 seconds or less before moving directly into the next pose. 

    15 Minutes Full Body Yoga Flow Workout

    • *sequence is to be done twice*

    I had the song Rise Up by Andra Day on repeat playing in the background as I went through the motions of this full body yoga flow workout; I trust that you would give this workout a try and let me know how it went, as I defintely felt the burn on this one.

    XOXOX…..Sincerely Natz.